“Advantage Wellness Clinic is a great clinic. Dr. Johnson is real down to Earth and doesn’t bulls–t you with a bunch of mumbo jumbo. He gets right to the point and you can tell he’s trying to help you out. He listens and is attentive to what you have to say. He will even talk some football and about his family too which adds a nice touch. The staff is friendly. The physical therapists and massage therapists are all easy going and seem to have a good time and enjoy working there. The therapists will listen to your issues as well and do what they do. And they do it well. Also, from my experience, the other patients seem to be happy and I see a lot of familiar faces week after week. Good stuff.”

Dan K. Carol Stream, IL

“My wife and I been going here for several months and the staff is always friendly and helpful! I had been going here to help deal with headaches/migraines, tension, and things being out of place. These visits have helped mitigate these problems. For this alone I believe going to a chiropractor is necessary as it has helped me tremendously.

One week I had muffled hearing in one of my ears. I went to an ENT to get it checked out, and the doctor sent me to audiology to determine if and how much hearing loss I was experiencing. I started to regain my hearing the next day, and by the second day after it was completely back! I was so amazed that it actually worked. It saved me an unnecessary trip to an MRI!

Special thanks to Jimmy and staff! You have saved us money, time, my hearing, and make me feel all around better and healthier! I will definitely recommend this place to others.”

Matt C. Wheaton, IL

“Let me just tell you that I love the staff here. They are hospitable. I finally got a good assessment from my rays what was going on with a clear and concise prognosis. I’m comfortable returning back for follow treatment.”

Rosie M. Aurora, IL