Dear Friends and Community Businesses,

As the Practice Manager and Marketing Director for Advantage Wellness Clinic; I would like to say congratulations on welcoming the opportunity to allow us to educate you, your colleagues and staff. Dr. Jimmy Johnson specializes in educating corporations and the community about conditions/ailments that are the leading causes of missed work days next to a seasonal cold.

The way we reach out is by hosting an Educational Seminar and what we call “Lunch and Learns” to corporate businesses in the community. What I do is bring a FREE LUNCH, HAVE FREE MINI MASSAGES PERFORMED and HAND OUT FREE INFORMATION!

If hosting a Lunch and Learn is not a good fit at this time; and you have an upcoming event that you feel our services would complement; I would be willing to attend, at no charge to you!! These events include but are not limited to Community Fundraisers/Charity Events ($ 5.00 for 5 min. of massage and all monies go to the charity of choice), Corporate Health Fairs, Corporate Events, Community Screenings, Job Fairs, Blood Drives, Teacher Appreciation Days and many more!

If any of these opportunities are of interest to you, please contact me via email or by phone to schedule O: (630) 752-9289. If prior approval is necessary through a Human Resource Department or your Marketing Department please forward me that information so that I may have the opportunity to help others. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in the future!

Thank you,

Rosa Cacucciolo